A ritual of sensations, where touch heals and soothes.


Carefully combining selected oils with a deep therapeutic touch, healing massages for body and mind come to life.
A ritual of sensations, where the touch heals the mind and calms the spirit. At Amani Spa, we believe that each person is unique and has different needs, expectations and wishes. Our team of therapists will always adapt the massages to each guest. Our base is the list of therapies described below but there is a whole additional layer molded according to the individuality of each one of our guests. We would love to welcome you!


This luxury ritual was designed by AMANI SPA to give you the luminosity, vitality and hydration you need for your face and body. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine for its therapeutic virtues, GOLD is considered by modern cosmetics to be one of the most precious and valued materials. This treatment uses micro-active gold as a principle. The properties of micro-active gold bring luminosity to the skin by stimulating blood and cell microcirculation, thus having a tensor effect and naturally producing collagen. It is an excellent regenerator acting on irritations and imperfections, it nourishes and hydrates in depth, reinforcing the skin's protective barrier.

Amani Signature Treatment

This relaxation ritual is exclusive to Amani Spa and combines the most ancient massage knowledge with the most advanced treatment techniques. The great secret of this ritual: Essential oils based on CBD, which is Cannabidiol extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. There is no psychoactive effect as it does not contain THC. CBD oil is revolutionary in reducing inflammation and muscle pain, anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia. Our team of therapists uses the oil in a full body massage (or in a specific area that needs attention) and promotes the absorption of CBD by the skin, ensuring the various therapeutic benefits and the improvement of your well-being. You are curious? Try this innovative treatment and feel, first hand, its enormous benefits for your well-being and health.


Ayurvedic massage is an Indian massage, emerged from the culture of the Vedas, an ancient Indian ethnicity. It is one of the oldest but also one of the most complete natural techniques of Ayurvedic Medicine that aims to promote balance and connection between body and mind. This massage performs at the immune system level helping to detoxify the body, strengthens the circulatory system and intervenes in the regulation of the body's energy, alters the blocks linked to changes, thus promoting energy and its relaxing effects. It is also indicated to treat pathologies, fibromyalgia, allergies, anxiety, muscle tension and back problems.


Aromatherapy is a natural and alternative therapy that uses the fragrance of essential oils for the internal balance of the body. Adding Aromatherapy to a traditional massage is creating a unique spa treatment that, depending on the essential oil chosen, allows you to treat a variety of symptoms. Aromatherapy is about what you feel at the moment and what the intended effects are, hence the importance of choosing the right essential oils. It is widely used for treatments of relaxation or restructuring of energy levels, also in the treatment of insomnia, headaches or migraines, high levels of stress or anxiety, muscle and joint pain.


Shiatsu massage is a therapy based on the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced in Japan by Buddhist monks in the 6th century. The technique spread around the world, giving rise to different variants that survive to this day. The best-known being Zen Shiatsu and Seitai Shiatsu. These techniques are applied over clothing, using acupressure and stretching to promote well-being and the treatment of physical, mental, emotional and energetic problems. This massage can be applied on the floor, mattress or tatami and even on a spa table or therapeutic chair. There are many indications for the application of Shiatsu but we can say that the main objective of Shiatsu is to maintain health.

Spa Express

The SPA Express massage is essentially a therapeutic and local massage. Relieves pain resulting from stress, muscle contractures, incorrect postures or repetitive efforts. It should be performed frequently for best results. During this massage, the therapist works with special attention on problematic areas such as the neck, shoulders and lower back. It is a massage that can be performed at any age and in different clinical situations. It is considered part of preventive medicine and where several techniques can be adopted in its realization in order to obtain better therapeutic results.


The Sports massage is a massage that brings together a series of musculoskeletal manipulation techniques that work on body areas that influence physical activity. This massage has specific characteristics in terms of pressure, location, execution speed and intensity. Ideal for preparing the muscle before and after training or competition, it relieves tension and removes lactic acid from the muscles, enhancing results and a better and more effective recovery. It reduces the risk of injury, increases the benefits of training, reduces fatigue and relieves tired and tense muscles, however, it is important to adapt the massage to each specific case. If you exercise regularly, this is the ideal therapy to help your body in the various moments related to the practice of physical activity.


The Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a massage technique that benefits the detoxification of the body with the elimination of accumulated liquids and toxins that cause fluid retention, cellulite and localized fat. It has advantages in the treatment of varicose veins, edema, poor circulation, fatigue and menstrual pain, being indicated by doctors and therapists in the recovery of postoperative edema and in pregnant women (only recommended after 12 weeks of gestation and with medical authorization). People with kidney problems, heart failure, deep vein thrombosis, tuberculosis, malignant pathologies, acute infections or uncontrolled high blood pressure cannot undergo this therapy. It is a massage with constant, rhythmic and precise movements, with light pressure, capable of stimulating the lymphatic system, accelerating the process of transporting the lymph to the lymph nodes. There will be an assessment before starting the session.

Prenatal Massage

This massage is a great ally for pregnant women, from 12 weeks of gestation forward. At Amani Spa, we created a protocol where we perform various relaxation techniques to help release lumbar tensions, while drainage techniques relieve weight caused by fluid retention. This massage is adapted to the needs of each pregnant woman and is performed on a tatami/futon for greater comfort and care.

Amani Signature Face Mask

Facial mask enriched with a moisturizing Phyto complex that combines organic seeds with hemp oil and CBD. They were developed with ingredients of natural and sustainable origin for daily and environmentally friendly skincare. A ritual protocol with the aim of rejuvenating and protecting the skin of your face from daily aggressions. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and can be used as a complement to any therapy at the Amani Spa.

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is much more than a relaxing foot massage, it is a massage located at strategic points that, when activated, are beneficial to health. These points on the feet are connected with our nervous system which connects to all the organs in the human body. Crafted properly and with the correct pressure, foot reflexology helps in the treatment of pain, balance of emotions, and prevention of stress. It is an excellent complement to any therapy performed at the Amani Spa.

Amani Kids

Massages for children are increasingly common and provide significant improvements in the health of our little ones. Nowadays, children are busier with activities, and the need to provide moments of relaxation has been growing. This is how our AMANI KIDS massage is born. This massage aims to stimulate the emotional development of children, reduce physical and emotional problems and improve their nervous and immune systems. It is performed on children from 5 to 10 years old and lasts for 40 minutes. Bring your children to Amani Spa for a time of fun and relaxation.